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How We Serve

From your Big Picture to just keeping the lights on, we’re here and we're ready to partner for your success.

Solution Integrators and Digital Agencies want us because we increase their scale while lowering their risk.

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Businesses of all sizes enjoy having direct access to our wide array of people, processes, and technological capabilities.

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Non-Profit Organizations love us because we create solutions as focused and unique as their passions.

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Mid-Size Businesses rely on our remote administrators to provide the right expertise at an unbeatable price.

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How we Serve- Growth without Risk or Constraint


WLG saw its inception as the world’s first Practice-as-a-Service company back in 2016. Practice-as-a-Service provides the on-demand staffing of key individuals, teams, and development organizations that allows our partners to eliminate bench staffing risk and enables them to say yes to more opportunities with confidence.

This may start small - with WLG just providing a few key resources when you need them to bridge the gap in scenarios where, for example, it doesn't make sense for a digital agency to keep CRM integration specialists on staff. For some solution integrators we provide surge staffing across their delivery stack, allowing them to keep their core staff fed with confidence while they sell without limits. We have that team of purple unicorns you need, but that make no sense for you to staff on an ongoing basis.


Custom Solutions

While we were founded upon Practice-as-a-Service, COVID happened, and the market asked WLG to adapt. From that moment we opened our digital warehouse doors directly to you, offering premiere enterprise capability at industry-leading prices. The response was so positive that we decided to continue offering our custom service capability to meet your cloud solution needs.

Out-of-the-box or built from scratch, if your service needs are in the cloud WLG can likely help. We are ready to help you navigate major cloud ecosystems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and AWS, either to learn something new, or to do something truly unique. Moreover, we'll be working with you in a way that feels quaintly old-fashioned in this day and age: with no financial incentives to sell you any particular technology or solution. WLG is completely solution-agnostic, not married or beholden to anything or anyone. We're not a Platinum Partner of this or a Gold Partner of that. We have but one focus - the best interest of you and your organization.

How we Serve - ADMINISTration to Exceed your Needs

Cloud Technology Administration

As your business continues to scale it reaches a pivotal moment when the care and maintenance of your online services exceeds the capacity of a single person as an additional duty, but the work hasn’t yet scaled to justify hiring an administrator.

That’s where WLG's Cloud Technology Administration offering comes in. 

Our service provides you with a consistent, native-language speaking administrator to take care of your cloud administration needs on a predictable, fixed-price basis. No need to go through the always expensive hiring process or to concern yourself with whether you’ve found the right person or not. Our team is stacked with technically savvy administrators ready to jump in on-demand so that you and your staff can return your attention to what matters most to your business.

We'd love to talk about what matters to you

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