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Discover the “Monthly Managed Services Method” to Reduce Your Salesforce Headaches

Save time, better manage your budget, and boost your productivity.

Helping organizations save time, better manage their budgets, and optimize their Salesforce Instance without having the overhead of managing a Salesforce Admin team so they can make time for what's important- Running their organization! 

Salesforce can be filled with challenges, 

but it doesn't need to be stressful or time consuming.

Salesforce is a powerful complex CRM tool, but it can be difficult to keep it running smoothly without the help of an administrator, or a team of administrators who can devote the needed attention to the platform.  

You Salesforce Instance needs to be constantly updated and maintained due to updates, as well as modifications specific to your work usage.

Salesforce requires regular upkeep in order to run at peak performance. Without the help of an expert, you may find your Instance getting bogged down, underperforming, and being difficult to use.

A lot can go wrong if your Salesforce Instance isn't properly maintained- data loss, system crashes, and even lost of sales opportunities.

We get it... Salesforce can be a headache at times. It has good features, but much like a high end Ferrari you need to give it the proper attention for it purr and perform optimally.

How many times have you said...  If only I had an extra set of hands to do ______

Salesforce can be complicated, but you don't need the continual headaches each month to manage your Instance.

Wouldn't life be easier if someone else were able to:  

  • Set up or delete users so only your current team has access without you wasting time making changes each month 
  • Adjust and make changes to your page layouts so that they can look the way you desire
  • Goodbye repeatable tasks! We can learn what your team needs and create a flow so that your repeatable tasks can automated. Save your team time, headaches, and their sanity! 
  • Don't have a Salesforce Admin, or your Admin is swamped? We can augment your organization, be your Salesforce team, and still save you money through an easy to budget monthly plan.

Welcome to Monthly Managed Services...

The White Label Group Way.

White Label Group's Monthly Managed Services (MMS) subscription program is a comprehensive way to maximize your return on investment in Salesforce. Our expert Salesforce- certified consultants will provide your business with a full range of managed services that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Through an initial assessment, we identify any existing challenges and analyze your technology stack to give you valuable data-driven insights for unlocking the full potential of any Salesforce platform.

With our MMS subscription, you get access to a team of dedicated professionals who are equipped to manage all aspects of your Salesforce environment. We’ll conduct regular system checks, resolve issues quickly and seamlessly, optimize performance, and proactively maintain the health and well-being of your setup. Enhancements such as security updates and feature releases are also included in our managed services program.

Our team can also help you plan out strategies to ensure long-term success with Salesforce by creating custom solutions that integrate into existing applications or implementing new ones completely from scratch. Additionally, we’ll provide training for end users so that they can leverage features like automation tools or custom reports for maximum efficiency. All of this comes together in an economical package that gives you the resources and expertise needed for managing your Salesforce implementation without breaking the bank.

If you're paying more than $165 per hour 

for certified Salesforce administration/monitoring, we should talk.

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery

Team of personalized Salesforce Experts

You get access to our full team of personalized Salesforce Support (with an average of over 7+ years of experience) all for less than the price of one full time staff member including: 

  • Engagement Success Managers 
  • System Administrators
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Operation Excerpts

Less than the cost of a Full time Salesforce Administrator

Investing in a Salesforce Administrator with 5 years experience can be expensive. But why shell out for costly benefits, HR overhead and training when you can get the same expertise from MMS? With our cost-effective solution, your budget will stay on track while still benefiting from additional knowledge provided by an experienced team that's ready to help complete your Salesforce tasks quickly!

YOu Control the Contract length

We offer a monthly managed services subscription for Salesforce that is one of the most cost-effective options available in the market, with durations of your choice for service contracts. Meaning we’re here whenever you need us. Our subscription service is designed to provide users with convenient, regular access to the Salesforce platform while providing our clients with a reliable and affordable way to maintain their Salesforce systems and data. You have control of how long the agreement lasts because we offer month to month as well as fixed term options so that you can pick what is best for you.

Monthly Managed Services (MMS) working for you

Budget Management and

Lower Maintenance Spend

Organizations love MMS because they can better manage their budgets, decrease their maintenance spend and staffing overhead, and be able to use money more efficiently to grow their organization.  

Ongoing Optimization and Maintenance

Organizations love MMS because they know their Salesforce Instance will continue to run smoothing, be updated, and there is a team committed to support their organization's business needs so they can be more productive.

Increase Your Team's Availability and Capacity to So They Can Do Other Tasks

Organizations love MMS because their tech team can now be able to work on other projects and needs that they don't have capacity to do with all of the ongoing Salesforce maintenance. 

A Team of Experts to Best Support Your Organization

Organizations love MMS by knowing that with less headaches, you have a happier organization. Happier people always are better to work with. Plus, you are gaining several extra set of hands and several expert brains to be more efficient. 

Want to reduce your Salesforce headaches each month?

Give us 30 minutes and we can review your current Salesforce needs and explore the opportunity for our Monthly Managed Services Program.

why work with us?

Over 400+ Successful Projects and Still Counting...

Team of Experts and Experience

Leverage the expertise of our seasoned Salesforce professionals, with over 50 team members and an average 7+ years experience in technologies for integration. Take advantage of having a full-fledged support squad at your disposal to help ensure success on every element of your Salesforce journey.

The Right Solution for Your Specific Needs

We understand that every organization has its own individual needs and objectives when it comes to Salesforce. That’s why we provide highly detailed and flexible teams to help you find the right skill sets that match your requirements, workload, and budget without having to worry about staffing up or downsizing. We guarantee that our teams provide optimum value for our subscribers.

You Control the Commitment

We have taken special care to craft our subscription agreements so that they are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of businesses while also staying cost-efficient throughout the duration of the contract. With our subscriptions, you can enjoy secure and reliable access to your Salesforce ecosystem, along with powerful integration tools and helpful customer support resources. No matter what size your business is or how much you need access to Salesforce, our monthly managed services subscription will save time and money.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

We have been in the Salesforce solution space for over two decades, and created thousands of Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud solutions. The hard-earned lessons from these projects can be used to your benefit. Our delivery team has extensive experience creating cloud-based solutions for companies working through B2B, B2C, and B2B2C sales chains and the challenges they present.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

We're a different take in the cloud solution integration space, offering the breadth of service you expect from a major consultancy while providing the personalized service you want from a boutique experience. And we do it all while not being a “partner” of any major service provider, which allows us to keep just one interest in mind: yours.

Supporting Your Salesforce Instance and your Organizational Needs Month after Month

How it Works

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Let's explore how a Monthly Manage Service (MMS) Subscription could affordably and conveniently assist your organization. We'll spend just 30 minutes discussing your current salesforce needs as well as future goals - all with the goal of finding you an ideal subscription solution. Fill out the form below, let's talk, and get you setup for MMS. 

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