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The Humans Who Make the Magic Happen

The Personalities Behind the Professionals

Meet the Leadership Team

Bringing together a global team of diverse individuals committed to offering cloud implementation with integrity.

Tye Rempfer

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, strategist, cloud evangelist, traveler, and dogfather. Fuelled by pure caffeine and a desire to just do it better than it was before.

Marc Galante

President & CEO

Experienced Leader in Cloud Consulting, implementations, and business transformation projects who excels at assisting organizations in the achievement of their Project, Program, and Financial objectives.

Jason Moore

VP, Delivery Services

In books and gears, solutions bloom,

Fostering cats, easing gloom,
Leadership in every room.


Senior Director, Strategic Management

From unraveling plots to unraveling yarn, this tech-savvy problem-solver and caffeine enthusiast is always wired to find the perfect solution.


Senior Director, Customer Success

Thrive on building strong relationships, passionate about constantly learning and seeking out new knowledge and skills to better serve my customers. I have boundless enthusiasm and a deep love for dogs and chocolate.


Director, Client Services

I thrive on connecting with people both personally and professionally! In addition, I love traveling around the world to see other cultures and meet fascinating people.


Director, Project Delivery

The grand project management 'poobah,' with a k-drama passion that's lit like a supernova, sipping matcha with every hurrah, and listening to your problems with empathetic awe.


Manager, Architecture and Development

“Give me your requirements, your stories,

Your aching problems yearning to be solved,

The wretched refuse of your orgs.

Send these, the misconfigured to me,

I lift my keyboard beside the dark-themed screen!”


Manager, Engineering and Platform Services

Nature fuels my soul, cooking fuels my body, and problem -solving fuels my mind!

JOSH Galante

Manager, Sales engineering

When I'm not helping my clients maximize their potential and solving the world's problems with Salesforce solutions, I find myself out on the lake, paddleboarding with my family or hiking in the mountains with the pups. I'm always excited to take on new challenges and acquire new skills - as the great Jedi Master Yoda once said, "There is no try; only do."


Manager, PMO Services

Jack of all trades, master of fun. Crushing goals, weights, and puns.

About Us: More than Just People

We’re a diverse group of industry professionals and experts who take pride in the work that we do and the solutions we provide. With an average experience of 7+ years and hundreds of industry certificates across numerous platforms, leverage our knowledge and skillsets for your gain. Whether you need a full stack implementation team or a support squad, WLG has what you need to ensure your success through every stage of your cloud implementation.


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